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Apr 1, 2013 9:00pm EDT
that letitia tyler suffered a stroke. john tyler learned he was elected as vice president of william perry region william henry harrison. it is here that he became 10th president of the united states, so she learned she became the first lady. >> she had another terrible stroke, and her husband goes into morning, and then he meets another young lovely in her 20's. her as the madonna of first ladies. timeosed as a model at a that was frowned upon, by all accounts was the witching. -- was bewitching. >> there were 90 slaves, and they were her supervision. husband,bied for her and she supported him tremendously in everything she did. death, a secret marriage, and outsize e stories ofis ar the women we examined tonight. to theening, and welcome season series of first ladies. was in henry harrison office, and a month later, he dies. to learn about this time comi- have- about this time, we the chair of the history department, and she has been working with us many times on this series. nice to see you again. school children have all grown tippie and phrase, tyler too. he was elected at age of 68,
Apr 1, 2013 10:00pm EDT
can take that to julia tyler. >> here's a question about first ladies and their perceived influence. jennifer sherman asked on twitter -- tyler having gotten to washington as first lady of the united states, secret service lingo, i think, believed she had a lot of influence rightly so. based on first lay dwris seen thus far, do you think they all felt this way, they were influential women as spouses of their influential husbands? >> i'm not so sure all of them wanted to be. that's the first thing. she's perhaps the first who really wanted to get involved in that way. the other women i think are willing to simply play the traditional role, although you have some woman who may be saying all kinds of things to their husbands. they're not making it public. we don't know exactly what we're saying for their husbands. in terms of that influence. but in terms of influencing outside of their own household, it's not likely they even care to serve in the next capacity, most of them. >> next is a question from linda spiro or spiro, snoke >> sps spyro. >> welcome. >> good evening. >> good evenin
Apr 2, 2013 1:00am EDT
me, i am right, texas should be annexed to the union, and mrs. tyler, i want you to know that i would rather be right then be president. and i replied, my dear sir, my husband is both. and i replied, my dear sir, my husband is both. i truly think that the reply is almost better then the statement from clay which we hear so frequently. >> how significant was julia tyler's role in the ultimate decision to annex texas? >> well, she's keeping tabs of where people stand because she's going to congress. she's listening to the debates. she's trying to twist the arms. i don't think she's that important to it. she's representing her husband's interests certainly. she's supports that. but whether or not she has influence over any particular congressman, i'm not so sure about that. >> do you have an opinion about that? >> she certainly believes she has a lot of influence. i'm with dr. medford, there are were much more complicated in the political area of the texas annexation issue that julia tyler would solve, especially the months after the election. people know james polk will be the nex
Apr 9, 2013 1:00pm EDT
you, tyler. the stock is down big today after the resignation, probably the sacking of ron johnson more accurate. scott wapner wrote the story last night. then plummeted when the company announced that the former ceo mike ullman would return to the hot seat. during that time the stock dropped 15%, but don't forget that almost everybody, all issues were down from 2007 to 2009. right now, you can see the stock trades at 14.19, a whopping loss on the day. since johnson took over the company, the stock is down. what must he do immediately to stabilize, to right the ship. >> but first to cnbc's retail reporter courtney reagan, during his tenure, johnson was betting his own money on the company, betting effectively on his own success, so courtney, how much has mr. johnson lost? >> oh, simon shareholders are certainly not the only ones pays the price, while shares have lost 51% during johnson's 17 months at ceo, it's cost him dearly as well. with the help of executive compensation data firm, during his time at j.c. penney, the total take hoff cash, 2.1 million, the total other comp nearly
FOX News
Apr 17, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. his name is tyler. that's all we know. tyler. >> bill: now he's found. >> i said my name is tyler. it's going to be okay. and letters testing positive for poison. one sent to the president. other suspicious letters to u.s. senators. tonight, another plot unfolds. much i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. we are live boilston street on the back bay of boston. a few blocks from the scene of monday's bombing and what has been a somewhat chaotic day here. just minutes ago a federal source telling fox news investigators are looking for two persons of interest in connection with monday's attack. now, both men captured in photos from the scene. more on that in a moment. of course, hours ago, we heard reports that an arrest was imminent in the attacks. some talk that an arrest had already happened. the fbi later saying there were no arrest and has not been one. nobody to bring to court here in boston. but at this hour, we're still awaiting a news conference from investigators that has been rescheduled over and over again. postponed was the word we heard late tonight. rick leventhal m
Apr 26, 2013 4:30pm PDT
auto . >>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen and suzy gharib. brought to you by -- >> the interactive tools foor an ever-changing world. our dividend stock adviser helps guide income at a period of low-interest rates. we help you invest and trade stocks. action alerts plus is a charitable trust portfolio that provides trade by trade strategies. online, mobile, social media, we are the >> finding growth. the economy expands, but some say it's not fast enough. what it all means for you. >> big mac. how mcdonald's sees the broadest economy. >> social investing. why using social media to get a competitive edge in the market could be dangerous to your wealth. all this and more on "nightly business report" good evening, everybody. s susie, any growth is good news. >> good, but not great. u.s. economy grew by 2.5%. that was less than the robust 3% most experts were predicting. much of the gains in the gross domestic product came from strong consumer spending. businesses and government spend less, raising concerns that growth may grind to a hal
Apr 3, 2013 4:30pm PDT
>>> this is "nightly business repo" with tyler matheson, brought to you by the interactive, multimedia tools for an ever-changing financial world. our dividend stock adviser guides and generates income during a period of low interest rates, real money helps you think through ideas for investing and trading stocks. action alerts plus is a charitable trust portfolio that provides trade by trade strategies. online, mobile social media. we are the >>> korean concern. the defense secretary says the u.s. sees a real and clear danger from north korea and stocks suffer a triple digit sell-off. >> housing blueprint. is there a plan afoot to make home loans more available to customers with weaker credit. the pros and cons for such a move. the refund fraud, the $5 billion problem that targetious and why it's getting worse. all that and more coming up tonight. >>> good evening, everybody. welcome. i'm tyler math son. i'm sue herera, i'm filling in for susie guerra. she has the evening off. politics rattled investors today. >> absolutely they did. stocks ret
Apr 30, 2013 4:30pm PDT
o. >>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen and susie gharib. brought to you by -- >> interactive financial multimedia tools for an ever changing financial world. our dividend stock adviser guides and helps generate income during a period of low interest rates. real money helps you think through ideas for investing and trading stocks. action alerts plus is a charitable trust portfolio that provides trade by trade strategies, online, mobile, social media. we are >>> bonding with investors. apple grabs wall street's attention by doing something it hasn't done before, borrowing money, lots of it. >>> housing bubble? home prices are climbing. inventory is falling. but is the fear of an overheating housing market overblown? >>> and smart cookies. what the girl scout leaders are doing to teach the young leaders of tomorrow the art of money management. on the "nightly business report" for april 30th. another milestone day in a month full of them. >> you know, tyler, they say on wall street that ril is the best month for the dow, and this
Apr 4, 2013 4:00am PDT
.5 million. "the croods," number 2, "tyler perry's temptation" at $21 million - we will talk about that in just a minute - and "olympus has fallen" and "oz, the great and powerful" coming in at number 5. now, tyler perry was a scene-stealer this week. [erik laughs - it was a surprise! coming in at number 3. - the amount was a surprise. i think the placement wasn't too much a surprise. i was expecting maybe around $15, $16 million, because we kind of joked last week that you put tyler perry in the madea character, his numbers are usually a lot higher, and this one doesn't have that, it is more of a straightforward drama, and the numbers were pretty extraordinary. - and because this is the 9th time that mr. perry has come in above $20 million, he now joins the ranks of steven spielberg- - and robert zemeckis. two of my favorite directors of all time coupled with one of my least favorite directors of all time. - you go tyler. - no. go away. - meanwhile, lionsgate stock, up almost 70% for the past year. not too shabby. it's trading just off its highs. moving on to what is coming up thi
Apr 29, 2013 4:30pm PDT
>>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen and susie gharib. brought to you by the interactive financial multimedia tools for an ever changing financial world. our dividend stock adviser guides and helps genate income dung the periods of low interest rates. real money helps you think through ideas for investing and trading stocks. action alerts plus is a trust portfolio. online, mobile social media. we are >> the resilient consumer. americans keep spending. is the consumer and the economy stronger than many think? >>> golden opportunity. is gold still the precious metal to own despite all that recent volatility. >>> and restore the shores. six months after superstorm sandy hit the coasts. allinothat and more on "nightly business report," monday april 29th. good evening, everyone. we had a nice start to the week for investors. stocks opened up and kept on going. >> yeah, a little bit of a surprise, but it was one of those days. it has been a few weeks indeed since we said this, but it was another record-setting day on wall strt with
Apr 1, 2013 12:00am EDT
husband died one month after office, and letitia tyler, who becomes first lady as her husband john tyler assumes the presidency, she passes away one year later. then julia tyler becomes the president second wife. >> julia is the madonna of first ladies. she had posed as a model at a time when that was frowned upon. waswas knows as -- she known as the rows of long island. by all accounts, she was bewitching. she certainly bewitched 57-year- old john tyler. he married her. being first lady. she had the job for less than the year, but it was julia tyler who ordered the marine band to play "hail to the chief ." it was also julia tyler who greeted her guests sitting on a throne, a raised platform with purple plumes in her hair. it was almost as if she reseeded to that more queenly role of martha washington and deliberately rejected. >> we will take your questions and comments about these three first ladies by phone, facebook, and twitter at 9:00 on monday night on c-span. also on c-span radio and c- >> now the latest on negotiations on immigration legislation. from today's "washingt
Apr 10, 2013 11:00pm PDT
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Apr 30, 2013 7:00pm EDT
in a month full of them. >> you know, tyler, they say on wall street that april is the best month for the dow, and this april stuck to that tradition, not just for dow, but all the major averages ended the month up with gains, up almost 2%. and the s&p 500 reaching a new all-time high. the markets got a lot of help from a 3% jump in apple shares, a strong reading on consumer sentiment for the month of april, and more good news about housing. and we'll have more on apple and housing in just a moment. the dow has now made gains for 16 tuesdays in a row, and today those blue chip stocks and the nasdaq both ended 21 points higher. the s&p 500 added four to close at yet another record. and looking at the market's scorecard so far for 2013, the dow has soared 13%. the s&p is up 12%. and the nasdaq is higher by 10%. >>> apple wowed investors today, and not because it unveiled a new ipad or an iphone. it is launching a massive corporate bond deal. $17 billion. that is the biggest non-bank corporate bond issue ever and apple's first debt offering in years. why are they doing it? >> tyler, the capital
Apr 23, 2013 4:30pm PDT
>>> this is "nightly busess rert report" with tyler matheson and susie geling. >> brought to you by the for an ever-changing financial world. our dividend stock adviser guides and helps generate income during a period of low greinter rates. action alerts plus is a charitable trust portfolio that provides trade by trade strategies. online, mobile, social media. we are the >>> no upon setting the applecart. apple earnings better than expected, for the most part and the market responds after hours. >> and midwest flooding, rain and snow soaked the country's midsection and the worst may be yet to come for businesses and farmers. >> and hollywood's new courtship. why the movie industry is seducing aging baby boomers. all of that and more on "nightly business report" for tuesday april 23rd. good evening, everyone. tyler, what a day. a lot of drama, a lot of suspensisu spen suspense. there was that surprising sell-off on wall street and the apple earnings after the market closed and. >> and yet when all was said and done the markets gaining for the third straight
Apr 3, 2013 7:00pm PDT
the united states officials expect to use that soon, tyler. >> you know, john. i guess we really haven't heard from the president very much. i've heard late today that john kerry, the newly installed secretary of state will be traveling to the region. what can you tell us about that, if anything? >> secretary kerry had announced that visit several weeks ago. he will be going seoul. that's part of laying the groundwork for the visit by the south korean visit park to washington in may and certainly at both of those events, the kerry visit and park's visit to the united states you will hear the president address the issue and he's addressed it to some degree by saying that the united states takes this seriously both through his white house press secretary and other administration officials, but you know, the administration is trying to manage a relationship with an adversary that hasn't always shown itself to be rational or calculating in what it said and part of the problem is, tyler, that we just don't know what the north korean leader will do. their capacity to hit the united states ma
FOX News
Apr 6, 2013 8:30pm PDT
about the tyler perry. it wasn't a tyler perry. it based off a book by james madison and tyler perry just happened to be in it. >> yes, but he happened to direct it. >> but you said you didn't know. >> greg, you said you were on a movie with "dark knight rises." and you thought they shouldn't have shown it. >> i ordered the film. but i didn't know. virgin american has stuff you can order -- >> they don't edit their films. >> they don't. they had one of the 9/11 films on on the plane. and this was like -- i'm not kidding. and i'm going, you can actually order that? and i'm, like, sitting there and i'm going, who would do that? anyway, i was watching the "batman" movie and i'm going, oh mir oh, my god, i think i'm having a panic attack. luckily i was so prepared for that. >> so you took another -- >> yes, i took another. >> -- and then you were fine. >> i was fine. >> the lesson to you, kids, is always have another because you never know. >> you might take two and then have an extra one in your wallet. and when your wife says, what are you doing? you're saying, nothing, honey, i have a
Apr 28, 2013 9:00am PDT
>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. >> we are on our way to a much warmer day. around the bay, mid-to upper 10s around oakland and berkeley, castro valley. along the coast, stinson beach mid-and upper 60s. the inland east bay, low to mid-80s to near 90s. that's the beginning of a heat wave coming our way. we could see a few records for the week ahead coming up midweek but i'll let you know about your forecast numbers today and all week long. that's coming up in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. there is a major new development in the boston bombing investigation. russian authorities intercepted troubling phone conversations between one of the suspects and his mother two years ago. but u.s. officials weren't told until after it was too late. we go the latest now from abc news reporter gio in boston. >> overnight abc news learning the recorded phone conversation between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mom in 2011 worried the russians so much they asked the u.s. to in
Apr 6, 2013 12:35am PDT
all. the women of the revolutionary "mary tyler moore show" together again for perhaps the last time. >>> good evening, and thanks for joining us. in the wake of tragedies like the shooting spree at sandy hook elementary school, shock and sor row are often followed by frustration that evil prevailed if only one could have been there to intervene. in mare co county, arizona, sheriff joe arpaioa hen posse of gun-toting civilians are the guardians of good, or so they believe. but not everyone believes. my co-anchor terry moran reports. >> reporter: at a high school just outside phoenix, arizona, a mad man stalks the hall. it's just a training exercise, but this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> on the ground! these men are learning how to fight the next school shooter. >> can't wait that long. >> reporter: and oddly enough their coach .is 19 0s action film legend steven segal. >> for every second that goes by, i told you, you could have dead children. >> reporter: he knows a thing or two about simulated shooting. but he's not acting here. he's a full fledged member of maricopa count
Apr 11, 2013 4:30pm PDT
>>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen and susie gharib brought to you by -- >> the our dividend stock adviser guides and helps generate income during a period of low-interest rates. real money helps you think through ideas for investing and trading stocks. acti alert plus is a charitable trust portfolio, that provides trade-by-trade strategies, online, mobile, social media, we are >>> company at a crossroads, what microsoft has to do to compete in a world dominated by tablets. >>> a secret meeting in a parking lot, an envelope that reportedly contained thousands in cash. we have the details of two friends at the center of an alleged insider trading scandal. >> the future of your money. really a need for your corner bank branch? >> all that and more on "nightly business report" for thursday, april 11th. >> good evening, everyone. tyler, don't know if you are keeping score, but stocks really on a roll. >> here we go again. keep reading the same story. stop me if you heard this before, folks. more records broken on wall street. s
Apr 17, 2013 3:00pm PDT
out in your mind? yesterday you told -- >> about victoria and tyler. >> have we found tyler? >> i don't think so. i think there was a -- there may have been a couple people who came forward who were not. >> not the real tyler? >> not the real tyler. >> just to remind you, tyler really helped save the life of someone. >> that's right. and comforted someone who was understandably hysterical over in that medical tent right after the blast. she had a shrapnel wound herself. and she remembered a man named tyler explaining to her that he had been an army sergeant in afghanistan, and he had survived a shrapnel injury himself and she would be okay. i had a chance to visit with bill and denise richard today, who lost their son, and whose daughter was so badly injured. they lost an 8-year-old. they've been wonderful supporters of my campaign in the past. >> from dorchester. >> from dorchester. i had a chance to visit with them just three of us quietly if the hospital today. and for them, and all the victims, my heart just goes out. >> good luck, governor. thanks so much for sharing a few moment
FOX News
Apr 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
there and elsewhere in the commonwealth just jumped in to help. his name is tyler. that is all we know. tyler, and one of the things he said to calm her down was to show her his own shrapnel wound from when he was in afghanistan. victoria very much wants to thank tyler personally. so if tyler is out there and listening or reading your reports, we would love to hear from tyler so we can connect him to victoria. tyler can touch with us by dialing, 617-725-4000. thank you all for coming. >> eric: that was the press conference, that was the governor and mayor and boston police, homeland security and to summarize. no claims of responsibility. the range of suspect says wide open. president obama will travel to boston on thursday. earlier we were trying to get to a quick statement by patty campbell the mother of the 29-year-old identified victim. fate campbell is the second one who was identified. take a listen to the mother moments ago >> everybody that knew her, loved her. she loved everybody. she was all smiles. i can't believe this has happened. she was hard worker and everything. it still doesn't make a
Apr 11, 2013 3:00pm EDT
bell." i'm maria bartiromo. we are getting ever closer to dow 15,000. hello, tyler. >> i'm tyler mathisen in today for bill griffeth, coming to you from cnbc local headquarters. and on today's show, a busy rundown. it is a market that just wants to seem to go higher. another day in the green for stocks and we are on track now for new records for the dow and the s&p 500. we continue special coverage of this historic rally and give you some investing ideas, if you have new money to put to work in the market, even at these levels. >> yeah, also another first on cnbc interview coming your way. billionaire elon musk will be joining us in a little bit. the tesla founder, embroiled in two battles. one with texas and one with sarah palin. both centering around his high-end electric cars. you do not want to miss this interview. and to see what musk has to say about that business. stay with us for that. >> and maria, former apple ceo, john sculley, giving some advice to apple's archrival, samsung. what's the advice? we, he thinks samsung should hire former jcpenney ceo, ron johnson. sku sk
FOX News
Apr 17, 2013 3:00am PDT
her his story. the miss steer kwrus tyler comes forward -- the miss miss -- mysterious tyler comes forward after a plea from the governor. >>gretchen: good to be back. i was on an airplane and could not get back to the east coast. glad to be back. >>steve: yesterday talking about what we knew fact-wise. now the stories are coming out, and there are amazing stories concerning heroism and what we know regarding the bomb. >>brian: the bomb and the bomber as people scramble to find out who did this to stop the next one. >>gretchen: brand-new details on boston. we have live team coverage for you. heather nauert on the latest with the f.b.i. search. first let's look at the remains of the bomb. >> good morning. we are getting more information about the bomb, but still investigators have very little information about the person or the people responsible for these horrific attacks. the pictures of the bomb, of the crime scene first obtained by our fox affiliate in atlanta show what investigators told us about these weapons. the f.b.i. authorities saying that the devices were made from press
Apr 24, 2013 5:30pm PDT
who pitched in to help victoria remained a mystery man. >> his name is tyler. that's all we know. victoria very, very much wants to thank tyler personally. >> reporter: after that public plea tyler dodd came forward. >> i can stand up. >> no, you stay there. >> i can stand up. >> are you sure? >> yeah. >> reporter: tyler told victoria he survived a shrapnel injury in afghanistan, but that wasn't quite true. >> he wasn't a soldier in afghanistan. he wasn't in combat. >> reporter: this is the little white lie you embrace? >> yeah. i don't regret it. i don't regret him telling me that. >> reporter: through it all, the blood loss, the chaos, a group of strangers pushed her to hold on. >> i'm so thankful. you guys are so brave. >> you're wonderful. >> reporter: this afternoon victoria left tufts medical center, thanks to a community of strangers who pulled together. kerry sanders, nbc news, boston. >> how about that story to end our broadcast on for a wednesday night? thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams. of course we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. r
Apr 29, 2013 5:30pm PDT
money." >> reporter: tyler kozimor got into his dream school -- ithaca college in upstate new york. he's taken the tours, applied, and has his heart set. >> it's just the perfect fit for me. >> reporter: tyler wants to study broadcasting at ithaca's famous communications school, and wrestle. but the family is wrestling with the price of tuition -- more than $50,000 a year. tyler was initially offered about $21,000 in financial aid. but for the kozimors, who own this small auto repair shop, unless they can get additional assistance, he can't go to the school of his dreams. how tough would that be? >> real tough. heartbreaking. >> reporter: but there's a silver lining. enter our college tuition expert, kal chaney. he says families miss out on millions every year just because they don't know how to navigate the system. kal says, think of colleges as businesses. you have more leverage than you think you do, but you have to ask for it. >> the first aid package you get isn't necessarily the final offer. >> reporter: tip number one -- you can appeal that first financial aid package. did you k
Apr 5, 2013 7:00am PDT
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Apr 5, 2013 4:30pm PDT
>>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen and susie gharib, brought to you by -- >> the interactive financial multimedia tools for an ever-changing financial world. our dividend stock adviser guides and helps generate income during the period of low interest rates. real money helps you think through ideas for investing and trading stocks. action alerts plus is a charitable trust portfolio at provides trade by trade strategies. online, mobile social media. we are the >> jobs jolt. an unexpectedly weak employment report raises doubts about the economy's health and sends stocks and bond yields lower. >>> cuts coming. the president readies the budget proposal said to include controversial trims in social security and other entitlement programs. >>> making his point. meet the quirky entrepreneur who earns money sharpening pencils. we have all that and more on this special jobs edition of "nightly business report." good evening, everyone. a miserable march for jobs and tyler, what a nerve-racking day for investors. >> it was way worse earli
Apr 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
jumped in to help but his name is tyler. that's all we know. tyler. and one of the things he said to her, to calm her down, was to show her his own shrapnel -- a wound or scar from his own shrapnel wound from when he was in afghanistan. victoria very, very much wants to thank tyler personally so if tyler is out there and listening or reading your reports we would love to hear from tyler so we can connect him to victoria and tyler can get in touch with us by dialing 617-725-4000. if you just get that word out there i'd appreciate the favor and plmore to the point victori would. thank you all for coming. >> all right. there is the news conference. it ends on a note, hopefully tyler will in fact connect with victoria and observe vicely helped her a great deal. we did learn several important details at this news conferences specially from the fbi agent in charge of this investigation. he said possibly a pressure cooker kind of device in these two bombs. key word "possibly." they're investigating it and also investigating the likelihood that bbs or nails, forms of shrapnel, were included to m
Apr 8, 2013 9:00pm EDT
between our last program with the tylers, who are also claiming that they introduced " hail to the chief." onthere a definitive answer that jacko >> i won't touch it. [laughter] [laughter] >> it came about in the 1840's it is possible that the tylers used and the pokes -- polks and confirmed its use. it is silly to worry about something about that. there are so many more important is to talk about. >> you drew the contrast with juliet tyler who brought dancing to the white house. who ended her brief tenure by throwing a huge party as they left the white house. was sarah polk more in touch with the times? -- it has been called an imperial presidency. meaning that the couple fought the office of the presidency and the white house as the official executive president -- residents needed to be highly respected. protocol andormal so on. it was a very liberal approach. you could come with an introduction to any of their receptions. polk was a democrat. at the same time, they were well dressed, there were more formal dinners. there were multiple courses. it was considered an honor to be at the w
Apr 16, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. thank you so much. we'll welcome tyler broda, a mining analyst. tyler, the last 24 hours unbelievable, have we hit bottom in gold? where is it? >> right now there's a lot of volatility picking up that will linger with the market over the next, i think, probably 6 to 12 months. this is 9%, the biggest move we have seen since the early 1980s. i think it is very hard right now to judge exactly where we are going to trace out. i think that the move today, the rebound thus far, i mean, the gold prices fell 15% since the highest on friday. the move so far is a weak rebound in all honesty. i think there's probability in our view in terms of fundamentals with the level of disinvestment we are seeing is much lower than where we are. >> tyler, one of the things we are hearing from gold bowles right now is the physical metal is unaffected and all we are seeing is fluxuation in the price of paper gold. is that a real argument or someone just trying to find a silver lining? >> i think, unfortunately, it is a bit of an argument towards looking for a silver lining. i think that, you know, through a
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Apr 6, 2013 11:00pm PDT
thinking about this story makes me angry. these people diverting the flight over a tyler perry movie. the only thing objectionable in a tyler perry movie is the very idea you're going to be somehow entertained. other than that, there is nothing bad about these movies. for them to do this and for all these other poor passengers, i would poor scotch on all of them and pretend to light a match. >> oh, that's terrible. tucker, i was thinking about this. the fact they diverted and landed in chicago means it's not a big deal to pull a plane over. it's like a bus. i always thought it took a lot of time and it was expensive, but apparently -- >> oh, it does. it talskes a lot of time and its very expensive. >> yer >> yes, i would think so. but i've been on buses where a guy threw up next to me and they don't pull over. >> that's new york city. every captain is like captain bly. you are the unquestioned authority. you are the dictator. you're in command. >> i love it when you do stuff like that because i don't know what it means. it's like being interviewed by dennis miller. i should read more
Apr 8, 2013 3:00am PDT
. >> yep. >>> up next, legendary ladies from "mary tyler moore" show are reunited. >> what brought them together to relive memories from a revolutionary tv show. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from ♪ how will you make it on your ♪ how will you make it on your own ♪ ♪ this world is awfully big >> i love this song. in the 1970s the "mary tyler moore show" was kidded ground breaking, a single, strong, professional woman in the leading role. >> just talking about that in the commercial. the women of the iconic show sat down with katie couric, the first time we have seen them altogether since valerie harper's terminal cancer diagnosis. >> nothing is too fancy for my atlantic city lady. >> reporter: long before carrie and the gang. >> i'm not the lady. >> reporter: before hbo's girls, there were the other girls, mary, rhoda, phyllis, sue ann and georgette. they could turn the world on with their smiles. >> you have got spunk. >> reporter: their apartment battles. >> this is my apartment. >> reporter: their vibrating beds. hi, lad
Apr 23, 2013 1:00pm EDT
? >> reporter: good afternoon, tyler. a fair amount of angry passengers whose flights have been delayed is what she meant to say. of course, you know, they are blaming it on sequestration. that has prompted the faa to cut 47,000 jobs and 13,000 of those are air travel controllers. that is in an effort to trim $200 million from the budget. the question, of course, is at what cost is that savings really coming? the concern is that there will be a domino effect here, that delays like this will cause people, especially business men and women to stop traveling, travel less because of the inconvenience. not only having the bottom line of the airlines, but the greater economy. for example, american airlines say it could see a hit of $1.7 million a day as a result of this. now, some suggesting that people may be too quick to point the finger at washington. the faa saying in a statement that 1200 delays yesterday occurred because of the furloughs, but that 1400 more occurred because of bad weather and other factors. so a couple things to consider, but for now i want to send it over to phil lebeau, a top
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